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About My Website

Art can be many things- a source of delight, a solace, an inspiration, it can challenge the status quo and be a stimulus for change. It can be used in medical education to broaden perspective, raise awareness of other cultures, explore biases, develop compassion and deepen understanding of what it is to be human. Art can encourage clinicians to stop and think about the person they are caring for and how they care for themselves.

The website is a collection of creative arts resources curated to use to learn, to teach and to maintain the art of medicine. (It’s a work in progress so not all pages are complete yet)

All the resources can be accessed from the home page and are arranged in three sections:

  • Themed resources to use in learning and teaching.
  • Resources to understand the value of the arts in medical education and some ideas to build your confidence in teaching using the arts.
  • Information about courses and seminars.

Dr Nicola Gill, York, UK

Collections of Resouces

The resources in this section are curated as two collections, designed to be used as a tutorial or seminar or just for you to dip into. All genres of art are represented and wherever possible displayed on the pages or through a link. You will discover contemporary and historical resources created by famous professional artists, clinicians and patients representing many cultures and countries.

Medical Themes

32 Collections about being human, working as a clinician and experiencing illness

Medical Conditions

An A-to-Z anthology An antidote to the classic medical textbook

Using Arts in Medical Education

The practice of medicine can be improved by seeing and understanding the world from different perspectives. Exposure to art encourages clinicians to appreciate otherness, develop curiosity and creativity and the skills of compassionate care, problem solving, and managing uncertainty.

Using arts resources in your learning and teaching can feel a little daunting, the guides below should help build your confidence.

The Power of Art in Education

Tips for using Art in Teaching

Resource Library for Teaching

Courses & Seminars

If you would like help facilitating an interactive seminar or workshop or for me to give a talk based on the resources on the website, please use the contact me form. I can tailor the content and style of the session to meet your needs and aims. These are examples of previous sessions.

For GP Trainees

For GP Trainers

For you & your work

Further Inspiration