Look what’s happening in July – small changes with big impact, new initiatives from HEE & holiday reading

Thoughts about GP Training in 2019

At our recent trainer’s workshop, we discussed aspects of GP Training that have changed- this helped us understand the current trainee’s perspective.

For some, GP Training was half a lifetime ago-  there was much reminiscing about a world without computers, mobile phones, protocols or CQC.

We reached a consensus that the pressures current trainees face are challenging but in a different way. We agreed it’s easy, but wrong to assume that life working on a 40-hour contract must be less stressful, and it’s important not to blame the current trainees for coping with conditions like the new contract that have been imposed on them. We need to recognise that this is a new generation and respect their attributes.

These are three small changes we thought might help support our trainees.

  1. Take time to talk and share a coffee.

Make it such an important part of the day that no one wants to miss it.

  1. Remember the importance being a positive role model, and give your trainee hope that their future career can be satisfying and rewarding.

  1. Take time to understand the ‘hidden curriculum’ of current medical education and the impact this has on trainees and medical students.

The hidden curriculum can broadly be defined as the attitudes and values conveyed, sometimes unintentionally by the structures, practices, rituals and culture of an educational organisation or supervisor.

This book discusses the experiences of current trainees, touches on the concept of the hidden curriculum and is essential reading for all doctors involved in education, read more.

Take a look at this article in the BMJ about the hidden curriculum’ 

Tackling Health Inequalities in Yorkshire

This week saw the launch of a new initiative from HEE Y&H.

Look at the section ‘connect with community’

Is there a community-based project you would like to find out more about?

How might you help support your trainee engage with this great idea.

Take a look at the Arts for Health and wellbeing page for more ideas for your tutorials and your own practice.

Summer reading

In HDR this month ST3s will be discussing the novella The Death of Ivan Illych by Tolstoy. His story is an excellent resource for discussing holistic care, compassion and suffering. Read more

picture of book by Tolstoy

What book would you encourage your trainee to read to broaden their view of general practice?

Share your recommendations with ‘the art of medicine’ and I’ll compile a summer reading list.

Maybe your trainee could recommend a book for your summer reading list?