The website is a collection of creative arts resources curated to help clinicians learn, teach and maintain the art of medicine.

Arts has an important role in medical education and in maintaining well-being. For 20 years working as a GP and medical educator, I have used the amazing work of artists across the world as resources in my teaching and own medical education. This website of resources has been created and nurtured hoping to inspire others to appreciate the power of the arts.

I grew up in Birmingham, England, home to many world-renowned scientists, a culturally diverse population, inspiring buildings and art. I lived on The Cadbury Estate built by George Cadbury whose Quaker beliefs of social responsibility and reform led him to build a model village for his employees. Like many students in the 1980s, I was encouraged to choose between studying science or the humanities. I studied medicine at Sheffield University where the Medical School’s motto is ‘Ars Longa Vita Brevis’ (Art is long, life is short). I became a GP. After a 23-year career as a GP, I now work as GP medical educator. I am interested in people’s stories and the role GPs play in helping their patients live well. 

Participation in medical arts seminars enabled me to experience the power of the arts as a resource in medical education. The website shares the creative arts resources I have collected and used in my teaching and learning. The aim is for it to grow and inspire other clinicians in their work.

Who else is involved in The Art of Medicine:

Dr Roger Higson

I’m indebted to Roger, for being a trailblazer in the field of medical humanities. This website grew from the resources we used in many happy years of co-facilitating creative arts seminars for GP Trainers in Yorkshire and the Humber. Roger is the inspiration behind this collection of resources, his ongoing encouragement and wisdom provide fuel for the project.

Beth Jakeman

Beth is a humanities graduate and lover of the arts, with a passion for the medium of film and literature. She has a particular interest in how women and gender are portrayed in art. Together, we sift through the colourful array of international arts resources and curate collections that we hope will stimulate discussion and broaden horizons.

You, the reader and the participant

I’m also grateful for all the stimulating thoughts, ideas and feedback from people attending the seminars and using the resources. They show that the arts are a powerful tool for teaching and maintaining the art of medicine.

Nicola Gill

This website site has been created for educational purposes only, based on my desire to appropriately share resources that have inspired me throughout my medical career, to promote the role of the arts in medical education, using the images and resources for instruction.

I intend to ensure that all the images and resources on this website comply with current copyright law. Where possible I have used images available under a Creative Commons Licence that are in the Public Domain and available for Fair Use. I hope that I have correctly acknowledged artists, rights holders and licensing terms. If I have made any errors, these are not deliberate and can be corrected, or the work removed if required.

Many images on the site are my photographs which I have reproduced with the intent not to breach copyright law.

Updated January 2023