Anxiety is a feeling we all get in a situation that is threatening or difficult.

Anxiety can be a normal and healthy emotion, but if you feel anxious all the time, or for no obvious reason, it can make life difficult.

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, it feels like fear. It can be mild or severe, often impacting on daily living. Anxiety is a symptom in several conditions, including: panic disorder and depression.

 These resources should help you consider what it feels like to experience anxiety.

pictures to prompt thought and discussion about anxiety

What does this picture telling you about living with anxiety?

How might the person who lives in this house feel?

These images are by John William Keedy.

Why do you think he called the collection It’s Hardly Noticeable?

Anxiety Edvard Munch 1894    Munch Museum, Oslo

Image in Public Domain

Following his father’s death, Munch produced a series of 22 paintings that he called The Frieze of Life. The paintings reflected his state of mind and bore such titles as MelancholyJealousyDespairAnxietyDeath in the Sickroom and The Scream, which he painted in 1893. His style varies dramatically during this period, depending on the emotion he was trying to communicate in a particular painting. 

How does this picture make you feel, and why?

Are there other pictures that make you feel anxious?

music to prompt thought and discussion about anxiety

Music has the power to make you feel anxious.

Think about the music that plays as the shark appears in Jaws.

Can you think of other music that conveys a sense of anxiety?

How does it do this?

books to prompt thought and discussion about anxiety

One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Ken Kesey (1962)

film to prompt thought and discussion about anxiety

Films often make us feel anxious.

Why do some people choose to watch horror movies?

The first ten minutes of The Hunger Games- Catching Fire shows the heroine Katniss experiencing a panic attack.

One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) contains many scenes that depict anxiety.