Maintaining the Art of General Practice- Spring School 2019 Seminars

Impression, soleil levant Claude Monet 1872 Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris

Image in the public domain

Monet’s painting of sunrise reminds us of the potential each new day brings; dawn awakens all our senses. This particular painting tells another special story. It was first exhibited in Paris in 1874. At the last-minute Monet is believed to have included the word ‘impression’ in the painting’s title as he did not want the public to think the painting was unfinished. The painting is credited with inspiring the name of the Impressionist Movement and the exhibition renamed the ‘Exhibition of the Impressionists’.

Each year in our ‘Maintaining the Art of General Practice’ seminars we chose different topics to stimulate discussion. In Spring School 2019 the topics will be ‘Storytelling’ and ‘Sensory Loss’.

Sensory Loss – 8th May @ Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Using resources at the ‘Yorkshire Sculpture Park’ we aim to improve our understanding of living with conditions that cause sensory loss.

We will discover how the creative arts can be used to help a GP trainee understand the patient’s perspective of their world.

Storytelling – 9th May @ The Hepworth

Why do patients tell their medical history as a story?

How can we encourage GP trainees to understand the importance of the patient’s story, and identify the relevant and important elements?

We will use the resources at ‘The Hepworth’ to help explore this topic and discover how the creative arts can be used to facilitate learning in small group or a tutorial.

GP Trainers in Yorkshire can book on these seminars through Maxcourse.