Creative Heath – a new decade

What a great start to the decade!

280 primary care health professionals learning together with arts and community professionals

@ Vale of York CCG PLT ‘The Bigger Picture’

These slides and information might be useful for your own teaching and learning

I’m hoping that David Hockney won’t mind me using his famous picture ‘The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate’ to represent the CCG PLT event.

Hockney was brought up in Yorkshire, and during his adult life he returned many times to visit his mother, and to paint.

This picture was painted in the Wolds, east of York, and is one of a large collection Hockey called ‘A Bigger Picture’.

At our event:

We responded to this recommendation

Feedback from the day 

“Great opportunity for collaboration”

“Inspiring presentations and great networking opportunities”

We shared this message

Click here for more information about creativity and health.

Feedback from the day 

“The idea that creativity is a basic need, and there is evidence to support this, was completely new to me. I have been thinking over the years of consultations, and it’s occurred to me that patients have told me this, but I did not understand.”

We discussed the evidence

Click here for details of the websites where the evidence is published and discussed.

Feedback from the day 

“Creativity is important it has a huge impact on health”

We learnt together

Feedback from the day 

“For 12 months or so I have felt embarrassingly sceptical and uncertain about social prescribing. I’m now so enthused about it”

“Use the local libraries more as a resource”

We experience the power of dance

Feedback from the day 

“Who would have thought dancing GPs would benefit us?! Broke down barriers between York GPs, challenged the status quo and mindset”

And the benefits of singing together

Feedback from the day 

“I will think differently, be creative, sing”

“I will sing more”

We thought about our role in patient care

Feedback from the day 

“I’m going to change the way I speak to patients”

“Less medicine, more wellbeing”

And what might be helpful in consultations

Feedback from the day 

“I am going to actively seek out ways to connect patients with stuff that’s out there”

“I am enthusiastic and hopeful about social prescribing”

We considered the role of creativity for our own wellbeing

Click here for more information about surviving and thriving in work and avoiding burnout

Feedback from the day 

“Really good for GP morale”

“I’m going to think about my own way of winding down”

We recognised the importance of community to everyone

Feedback from the day 

“I’m going to take note of community support outside the surgery”

The opportunity for participants to express their perspective was important and gave us the opportunity reflect on the event and be constructively critical of the message we gave and the style in which this was delivered.

150+ feedback statements contained very positive comments relating to raised awareness of social prescribing and community-based resources,  ideas for improving patient care, enjoyment of the day and thoughts about improving self-care. A  sample of these statements is included above. 

7 feedback statements contained negative comments relating to the event:

Criticisms related to :- the value of spending PLT time considering the subject of creativity and community, using experiential learning, whether the message was as relevant for nurses and HCAs, and the challenges faced by more rural communities.

Our response to these comments is:

Creativity benefits everyone, and all health professionals, not just GPs have a role to play in promoting this.

There is good evidence to support the use of experiental learning in teaching, and spending time repeating messages.

Patients have a lot to gain by health professionals working with their communities, so I think they would understand the importance of the PLT.

We agree that much more needs to be done to promote equitable access to resources and support services especially for rural and deprived communities. I feel a new project starting…

Finally, thank you to everyone who supported this event. 

Watch the video here