‘The only man who is educated is the man who has learned how to learn; the man who has learned how to adapt and change; the man who has realised that no knowledge is secure, that only the process of seeking knowledge gives a basis for security.’

Carl Rogers 1967

Learning's happened when you can demonstrate that you know something you know that you did not know before (knowledge and attitudes) or when you can do something that you could not do before (skills).

In 1986 two researchers called Peter Honey and Alan Mumford showed that people tended to prefer to learn in one of four different ways.

There are the 'Doers': the activist and the pragmatist.

And the 'Thinkers': the reflector and the theorist.

What does each term mean?

You can do their Learning Styles Inventory to discover the way you like to learn, or you may be able to work it out just by thinking about a simple task, for example how you assemble a flat pack piece of furniture or cook a new recipe.

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